Summary of recent additions.

April 2024:
Added Eurostat energy balances for year 2022 in eurostat-2024.

July 2023:
Added PVGIS 5.2 monthly post processed data for different solar panel orientations, covering the planet.

Extended the solar and wind tables in the forecast data for Belgium and updated to latest data release of Elia.

Updated the links page.

Added links to PVGIS 5.2 data for the selected location in the intermittency page.

Minor corrections to the carbon page.

May 2023:
Updated storage article to version 1.6, included cost definitions and updated links.

April 2023:
Added Eurostat energy balances for year 2021 in eurostat-2023.

October 2022:
Fixed errors due to php upgrade. Added navigation to the links page.

September 2022:
Edition 2022 - April - of the Eurostat yearly energy balances is now available. Find an up to date summary with tables and plots in eurostat-2022.

August 2022:
Added boxplots for solar PV, onshore and offshore wind energy in Belgium on forecast page, also made browsing over forecast data based plots more convenient.

Minor, renamed solar page name to heating.

June 2022:
Added statistics for January..May to the forecast page.

Updated links to version 1.4 .

Updated storage article to version 1.5, simplified table 4 and corrected broken links.

Added figures of hourly averages for Belgium on the forecast page, covering years 2013 to 2022.

Rewrote the home page + updated version numbers and dates of updated pages.

February 2022:
Updated the references on the solar page.

October 2021:
Elia extended its open data, also providing load statistics. Extended forecast page to include daily solar and wind as percentage of total electricity load.

Minor fixes in the carbon page, updated to version 1.2.

Made a summary of solar and wind renewables for Belgium in forecast/BE, also available in the Renewables topic on the home page.

August 2021:
Updated links to version 1.3 .

May 2021:
Edition 2021 - April - of the Eurostat yearly energy balances is now available. Find an up to date summary with tables and plots in eurostat-2021.

January 2021:
Added monthly overviews of solar and wind energy for the Flanders and Wallonia regions in Belgium, as well as their monthly electricty demand.

November 2020:
Added solar page to see if solar energy is able to power household in Belgium.

October 2020:
Added storage efficiency and power to gas density and conversion efficiencies to storage page.

September 2020:
Added daily boxplots for Belgium on the forecast page.

August 2020:
Updated carbon page.

Added data for Belgium on the forecast page.

Added a tax page on carbon taxes and funding considerations.

July 2020
Visualized solar and wind energy fluctuations on an hourly, daily and seasonal time frame in the intermittency page, as well as seasonal space heating and cooling demand.

Added a comparison with other energy storage techniques in the storage page.

June 2020
Updated energy balances to Eurostat June 2020 edition, for years up to 2018. Added data for EU27, Bosnia Herzegovina and Ukraine.

May 2020
Updated battery production capacity estimates in the storage page; and added a comparison with natural gas and oil storage.

Upgraded post processed PVGIS data from PVGIS version 5.0 to version 5.1 and added interactive plots.

Added interactive plots to post processed ninja data.

March 2020
Added solar and wind forecast data for Belgium/Flanders

February 2020
Updated energy balances to Eurostat edition January 2020. Main changes are: relative differences to the previous year are now added and the tables of the last five years are available as well.

February 2020
Added a few links to real-time grid data.

November 2019
Added a summary of MERRA-2 weather data for South and Central America, North Amerika and Oceania, covering a time span from 1980 to 2016.

October 2019
Added a summary of MERRA-2 weather data for Africa, Asia and Europe, covering a time span from 1980 to 2016.

August 2019
Added a summary of Eurostat energy balances for edition 2019, covering years up to 2017.

June 30th 2019
Added a few plots on carbon emissions.

June 22nd 2019
Space heating and/or cooling often dominate energy demand in buildings. Therefore we compare monthly energy production with heating degree days and cooling degree days, which are indicators of heating and cooling demand. The result is shown in the 'avarage' plot, eg for Belgium. For most places we find that the heating and cooling load are not in balance with solar production. For the ninja/Europe models wind is also included, and for wind there are also significant imbalances with heating and cooling demand.

April 2019
Added page with useful links.

February 2019
Minor, provide mobile friendly layout and added sharing buttons

January 2019
Added post processed data from Renewables.ninja for Europe. The ninja data-sets contain bias corrected solar and wind models.

December 2018
Minor, updated terms of use to v1.3, mainly making them more compact and easy to read.

September 2018
Initial release of post processed PVGIS5 data, providing statistics for solar energy, heating and cooling degree days and wind energy using a simple wind energy model.

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