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Climate and weather info
Real time weather data for locations all over the world.
Visualization of climate and weather datasets.
Recent floods on the planet.
NASA FIRMS: Fire Information for Resource Management System, real time data on fires on the planet.
Weather and rain predictions for Europe. Ideal for planning hikes and bike trips (language - Dutch).
Weather and rain predictions for Belgium (languages: Dutch, French, German or English).
Climate in Belgium - normal climate data in weather station of Uccle (languages: Dutch or French).
Degree days for weather stations located all over the world - free access to data of the past 3 years.
Degree days for Belgium (language - Dutch).
Coefficient of performance (COP) in function of outdoor temperature for heating pumps in heating mode (language - Dutch).
Renewable energy data
Real time electricity, solar and wind map for different countries, including CO2 impact.
Real time and historical wind data in Europe, as well as electricity energy mix.
Global solar atlas, summarizes global and local solar energy potential.
Global wind atlas, summarizes global and local wind energy potential.
World Population Distribution by Latitude and Longitude.
Climate and solar energy data, covers most of the world.
Climate, wind energy and solar energy data - world-wide coverage.
VEA - Renewable energy estimation for Flanders, Belgium (language - Dutch).
SPW-Energie - Renewable energy estimation for Wallonia, Belgium (languages - French, English, German).
FEBEG - electricity statistics for Belgium (language - Dutch). : onthaalcapaciteit van het net
Electricity grid congestion map of Belgium
Electricity grid congestion map of the Netherlands.
Archive of daily rooftop solar energy production in Meise, close to Brussels, Belgium - covering years 2009-2019 (language - Dutch).
IRENA (2023), Renewable energy statistics 2023, International Renewable Energy Agency, Abu Dhabi. ISBN: 978-92-9260-537-7. International renewable energy capacity and production data for 2012-2022.
Energy production and consumption data
Hannah Ritchie (2014) - 'Energy', July 2018 revision
Hannah Ritchie and Max Roser (2017) - 'CO2 and Greenhouse Gas Emissions' - December 2019 revision
Hannah Ritchie (2017) - 'Renewable Energy'.
Hannah Ritchie (2017) - 'Fossil Fuels'
Hannah Ritchie, Pablo Rosado and Max Roser (2022) - 'Environmental Impacts of Food Production'
Data visualization for many datasets, including energy and CO2 emissions.
Energy Institute: statistical review of world energy, with historical data on fossil fuel, nuclear and renewable energy consumption for most countries of the world.
Eurostat energy visualisation tools.
Eurostat energy balances for Europe, with yearly data on energy consumption per type of use.
Energy data for Belgium (language - Dutch or French).
Underground gas storage data for Europe.
Open electricity grid data, Elia, grid operator, Belgium.
Belgium - Historic electric grid imbalance prices, in Euro
Open electricity grid data, Elia, grid operator, Belgium.
global carbon and methane emissions.
world bank data, including energy and carbon emissions.
Natural gas spot prices, FRED economic data, ST. LOUIS FED: one MMBTU = 0.293 MWh.
Climate of Concern - Royal Dutch Shell movie (1991). Summary of climate research state of the art in the early nineties - duration: 28:31 minutes
The magic washing machine - Hans Rosling, gapminder, TED talks - duration: 8:59 minutes
Climate change - the state of the science, September 2013 - Hans Rosling, 200 years of global change - duration: 18:59 minutes
Overview of gapminder TED talks.
How many lightbulbs does it take to change a man?, David MacKay, October 2009, University of Cambridge, UK - duration: 6:15 minutes
Sustainable Energy - without the hot air, David MacKay, October 2010, at: Harvard University Center for the Environment, USA - duration: 1:06:02 hours
A reality check on renewables, David MacKay, March 2012, TEDx Warwick - duration: 18:19 minutes
David MacKay - final interview and tribute, youtube, April 2016 - duration: 23:21 minutes
Groene stroom, zondag met Lubach, season 8, youtube, February 2018 (satire, with energy facts and numbers) - duration: 12:56 minutes (language - Dutch)
Nederland gasvrij, zondag met Lubach, season 12, youtube, November 2020 (satire, with energy facts and numbers) - duration: 15:28 minutes (language - Dutch)
The Problem with Solar Energy in Africa, Real Engineering, October 2021 - duration: 18:19 minutes
Climate change
Global climate change - evidence - NASA
Global climate change - causes - NASA
What is the Greenhouse Effect? - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) FAQ
What two Googlers learned from a failed attempt to find the renewable energy source of tomorrow, published in IEEE spectrum, November 2014, by Ross Koningstein and David Fork.
Illustrates the scale and nature of climate change challenges, and opportunities for engineers to tackle them, published in IEEE spectrum, June 2021, by Ross Koningstein and David Fork. Follow up on their IEEE spectrum article of 2014.
IPCC Interactive Atlas - simulation data on possible climate futures
MIT EN-ROADS simulator to test and explore cross-sector climate solutions (language - configurable)
MIT C-ROADS simulator to explore climate change policies of different regions (language - configurable)
Climate action tracker, are we on track with reducing global carbon emissions?
Electric grid and nuclear
Electrical grid tutorial, Dutch version provided by the pylon geeks - translates more or less OK to English with Google translate.
Grid balancing summary, Balance Responsible Party, Elia, grid operator, Belgium.
Our world in Data, 'What are the safest and cleanest sources of energy?'
Wikipedia, THTR-300, 1987, Germany: first mixed uranium/thorium cycle high-temperature nuclear reactor in the world, that could generate electricity (instead of protypes that only produced heat).
Wikipedia, history and ongoing projects for Thorium-based nuclear power generation.
Thorium: Not a near-term commercial nuclear fuel,, November 2016
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, June 2022
Energy studies
Sustainable energy study of David MacKay, using UK as use case - 2008. The applied energy models are relevant for other locations as well.
The energy report, 100% renewable energy by 2050. WWF/ECOFYS study - 2011.
Towards 100% renewable energy in Belgium by 2050. Vito study, 2013.
Rapport Energielandschappen (report energy landscapes), Flanders/Belgium, 2016. See link for involved parties (language: Dutch).
Electricity and renewables studies, Elia, grid operator, Belgium.
België klimaatneutraal, een energieplan, May 2019 (language - Dutch).
Bon vent: setting sail for a climate neutral Belgian energy system – Future Belgian offshore wind unravelled, Federal Planning Bureau, Belgium, working paper 8-21
Liberalization of the EU gas market, International Energy Agency, October 2021
Building energy simulators
Online building simulator, supporting different regions world-wide. Temperature setback can be configured in the 'More ventilation options' setup menu.
Free, open source whole building energy simulator, maintained by the United States Department of Energy (DOE). Allows to study impact on energy consumption of building design choices and energy management policies.


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