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Climate and energy statistics

Climate change, renewables, energy transitions, security and affordability are all actual topics. Here you find plot of daily and seasonal fluctuations of renewable energy (intermittency) for different places in the world. You also find a few short summaries on energy related subjects. While a lot is written on renewables and the energy transition; a look at the data can give a more realistic view on what can and cannot be achieved with renewables. This website is best viewed on a laptop or desktop computer.

This website is non-commercial and for your information only. We do not endorse, buy or sell energy related products. Neither are we affiliated with third parties to do so. Read the Terms of use (v1.5) and Disclaimer before using this site.

Data Source Continent - post processed data
Europe - energy balances and grid/forecast data Eurostat summaries Grid data Forecast data Belgium
PVGIS 5.1 - solar PV data - almost planetary coverage Daily and monthly data for optimal fixed panel orientation
PVGIS 5.2 - solar PV data - planetary coverage Monthly data for different panel orientations and mounting options
Renewables.ninja - solar PV and wind energy data Europe
MERRA-2 - climate data Africa Asia S./C. America North America Europe Oceania
Links Recommended climate and energy links.v1.9August 2023
Belgium Wind, solar and electricity load data summary, using open grid data for Belgium.v1.0October 2021
Carbon How much carbon do we emit? A tremendous amount, and rising ... with a little COVID dip in 2020.v1.3July 2022
Heating Can solar or wind renewables cope with heating loads in Belgium?v1.2August 2022
Intermittency Intermittency - fluctuations of solar and wind energy. What works great in Morocco is not so great for Norway.v1.2July 2023
Storage Energy storage - a capacity cost, size and efficiency comparison.v1.6May 2023
Tax Carbon tax and funding economics. Some data, rest assured, I have no taxing authority.v1.2August 2020
News Summary of recent additionsJuly 2023

We recommend following book if you want a better understanding of renewable energy:

Chapter 30 explores how renewable energy scales up for Europe, north America and the world. Energy fluctuations and storage for the UK are discussed in chapter 26.

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