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Motivation: liked the bias corrected wind and solar country data from renewables.ninja, and decided to visualize it in a similar way as the PVGIS data.

Europe - countries
Renewables.ninja post processing info

Select a country on the map to access post-processed statistics. Data from Renewables.ninja is used for weather, wind and photovoltaic (PV) power. For wind the installed capacity of 2016 is used, and for temperature related statistics the MERRA-2 population weight average is used. The reference below detail the data modeling strategy. We provide post-processed results using data for years 2005..2015, with UTC data converted to local time.

Acknowledgement: many thanks to the Renewables.ninja team for open access to the v1.1 data-set of Europe, covering 1980-2016 data for weather, solar and wind on a country basis. Website: www.renewables.ninja. Version 1.1 of the original data-set is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0. In this work, hourly data is post-processing into yearly, monthly and daily statistics - and visualized using boxplots.

Renewables.ninja methods - both pdf files are licensed as CC BY-NC 4.0 by the authors:

PV data Ninja-PV-Readme-v1.1.pdf
Wind data Ninja-wind-Readme-v1.1.pdf


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CM-SAF SARAH dataset.
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